Capacitar Style Techniques

Capacitar, meaning To Empower, offers simple wellness skills that lead to immediate healing and relief. They help us to realize that our bodies naturally know what to do, how to provide needed care. Download the Emergency Kit of simple basic practices for immediate use to help people deal with challenging situations, such as natural disasters, violence or chronic stress. source

Circle of People Holding Hands Up High
Fingerholds for Emotions

Hold each corresponding finger with the opposite hand for 3-5 minutes. You can work with either hand.

Breathe in deeply, recognize and acknowledge the strong emotions you hold inside. Breathe out slowly and let go. Imagine the feelings draining out of your finger and into the earth.

Breathe in a sense of harmony, strength and healing, then breathe out slowly, releasing feelings that don’t serve you well.

Often as you hold each finger, you will feel a pulsing sensation as the energy and feeling move and become balanced.

You can also hold the fingers of someone else who is upset and overcome with emotions, including young children who are crying or having a tantrum.

Each finger is connected to a distinct emotion: Thumb - grief, tears, emotional pain; Index finger - fear, panic, terror; Middle finger - anger, rage, resentment; Ring finger - worry, anxiety; and Small finger - lack of self-esteem, feeling small.

Anxiety, Crisis & Overwhelm

Point in the Outer Wrist - Press point in the indentation on the outside of the crease of the wrist, down from the small finger.

Point on Top of the Shoulders - With the fingertips of both hand hold the points on top of the shoulders. The arms may be crossed if this position is more comfortable.

Sore Spot - Locate a spore spot in the left side of the chest about 2-3 inches down from the collar bone and about 2 inches to the side of the sternum.

Fainting, Crisis & High Blood Pressure

This point can be used on oneself or another if a person is fainting or in crisis. Point Beneath the Nose. With index fingertip or knuckle of the finger, press into the point directly below the nose on the upper lip.