Honoring yourself enough to schedule time with yourself is the first step to well-being. Tend your relationship with yourself and your relationship with life and others will be enriched and deepened accordingly.

Five Self-Love Techniques:

Mind your inner voice
Become aware and conscious of how you treat yourself in your own mind. Pay attention to your self-talk and how it makes you feel. Discard the demeaning thoughts and direct your mind and actions to positive behaviors.
Clear your mind
Observe and understand your current beliefs and values, and the real motivations behind them (make sure you don't carry other people's beliefs and values).
Invest much time in good self-care
Nourish yourself daily with healthy activities; good nutrition, exercise, proper sleep, intimacy, and healthy social interactions, with lots of time for fun, adventure, and relaxation.
Set boundaries and protect yourself
Identify what is, and isn't good for you, and gain the clarity you need to understand what you will, and will not accept in your life. Don't ever tolerate being treated like a doormat.
Explore your faith
Faith is the foundation for self-love. Believing in something opens up your soul to the beauty of belief and trust itself. source