Hug Research shows that being kind to others increases our own level of happiness as well as theirs. What's more it has a ripple effect - kindness is contagious, making our homes, workplaces and communities more compassionate and supportive places to be.

  • Things to consider:
    • Explore the meaning of kindness.
    • Create a kindness calendar (with others or by yourself).
    • Hold a random acts of kindness week
    • Create a kindness journal and consider including:
      • Reflections from your day:
        • Where did you observe someone else being kind today?
        • What kindness was offered to you today?
        • How were you kind to someone else today?
        • Who showed you kindness today?
      • How do you let someone know you care?
      • Why do people deserve kindness?
      • What should you do if you're in a bad mood and you don't feel like being kind?
      • What can you do tomorrow to create kindness for yourself or others?